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The question keeps coming up on this list of where to get Lua DLL binaries
for Windows, and myself and others keep pointing out that there not on the
wiki (or weren't previously), but that its just <<so easy>> to make that it
really didn't matter.

However, if library contributors are stumbling over libraries being
incompatible for this reason then I strongly suggest that someone put forth
a "standard" DLL onto the Wiki.

Does anyone know of any issues that would complicate this?
(I expect that those who have put forth open libraries would know what
issues could cause disagreements, linking problems, license statement
problems, etc.)

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[]On Behalf Of Serge Semashko
Sent: Monday, March 01, 2004 7:55 AM
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Subject: Re: ANN: wxLua 5.0.2 released.

  Paul_Winwood wrote:

> wxLua 5.0.2 has been released.
 > ...
> On Windows, loadable module support (i.e. wxLua is also shipped as a DLL)
> has been added that allows wxLua to be shared with other modules, however
> note the usual restriction: the Lua DLL must be shared with all modules
> are to be loaded.

Is wxLua DLL compatible with luacheia?