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On Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 06:05:15PM -0200, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> Strange. I get this:
> % cat i
>'foobar', 'n')
> d.close() 
> % /tmp/lhf/lua-5.0/bin/lua -lgdbm i
> /tmp/lhf/lua-5.0/bin/lua: i:2: bad argument #1 to `close' (gdbm handle expected, got no value)
> stack traceback:
>         [C]: in function `close'
>         i:2: in main chunk
>         [C]: ?

like i revealed to lhf a few moments ago, i am an idiot!  i've been using the
pre-release lua-5.0.tar.gz, not the final one.

apologies (especially to lhf)


PS: i could try to pull a clinton by saying that the pre-release tarball should
not have been named lua-5.0.tar.gz, but i won't do that.  :)