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>i'm not sure if this is a bug in lua_getmetatable() (or luaL_checkudata() ?)
>but if you call it with a non-valid index you get a SIGSEGV since 'obj' is
>gdbm> gdb -q lua
>(gdb) run -lgdbm -i
>Starting program: /usr/local/taj/bin/lua -lgdbm -i
>>'foobar', 'n')
>> d.close()		-- should be d:close() !!

Strange. I get this:

% cat i'foobar', 'n')

% /tmp/lhf/lua-5.0/bin/lua -lgdbm i
/tmp/lhf/lua-5.0/bin/lua: i:2: bad argument #1 to `close' (gdbm handle expected, got no value)
stack traceback:
        [C]: in function `close'
        i:2: in main chunk
        [C]: ?