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Vadim Macagon wrote:

>>>I've dreamed about this for a while :). I'd sure like a copy, perhaps
> you
>>>can stick it on the lua users wiki or something?
>>Does the Wiki accept files?
> Heh, good question, maybe not. Perhaps you can just send the perl script
> you've used to make it to the list?

Ok, here it is.  It needs the HTML::Parser module and the Microsoft help
compiler.  I used ActivePerl 5.8, but I think any version 5 of Perl will
probably work.  Run it in the directory where manual.html and logo.gif

Hopefully it will work without problems since I've only tested it on my
own system.  Shouldn't be too hard to fix though.  I've commercialized
it somewhat.  Use at your own risk, though.

Matt Gregory

Description: GNU Zip compressed data