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Saddly the test program has two parameters (threads and loops) threads is the number of seperate pthreads to create (which in this case includes lua stack/handle creation and loading the lua script bytecode into a memory buffer.

So that doesn't appear to be the case..

I guess I'll be better off with multi-threaded C and cached config files..Shame I thought I'd found a useful software tool there for a minute..

I guess script/bytecode interperters have a performance limit, I notice that most of the script langauges (java included) all bottleneck at around the same point. Its only compiled languages like C/C++ which seem to zip along at high speed.


D Burgess wrote:
Just guessing, but the time taken will not be in the execution
of your script but the VM creation and parsing of the Lua
If you were to separate the thread/vm creation and the script
execution (so that the thread/vm gets created before you want to
use it), you should find the script execution to be pretty quick.


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