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On Aug 05, 2003 at 01:17 -0400, Peter Loveday wrote:
> My view is that modules should not be allowed to place things in the global
> namespace.  Obviously we can't enfore it, but it can be strongly
> discouraged.

I agree with this.

> I think SDL.LoadBMP() is far more consistant with anything else in
> LuaCheia.  It is a lot more obvoius to a user that a given module
> has functions within a given table, and has the added bonus that
> dumping the contents of that table gives you a quick list of
> functions available in the module.

Seconded.  I personally don't mind SDL.SDL_LoadBMP(), especially if it
takes some load off the module maintainer, but I agree SDL.LoadBMP()
looks nicer.

Thatcher Ulrich