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Antonio Scuri wrote:
I also updated the IUP distribution files with some raw makefiles that can be used to build real Makefiles for a particular system. And I include Visual C++ 7 (.Net) project files that we use for debugging in Windows.

  Please let me know if you still need help.

There are many problems and I gave up again. I suggest that you try to build your tools on a modern Linux account. I can offer you one if necessary.

* scripts (make_all, make_uname, etc.) assume that PATH contains current directory (many people refuse to do this for security reasons)

    * GNU make is called "make" on Linux, not gmake

    * tecmake does not have executable bit set

    * tecmake TCG_HOME is undocumented

    * kernel 2.5 not supported

    * even after I correct the above, all IUP compiles fail


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