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In games yes, but lua was never (AFAIK) designed to work just for games.
You seem to be approaching it as if someone has gone out of their way to
design a scripting language ideally suited for games and are aghast that
they haven't incorporated everything solely to suit us (yep I work in
games too).

Some of this seems to stem from the completely inaccurate view you
posted earlier that virtually all modern applications use 3d in some
major respect. This is obviously just complete rubbish.

If you are having so much trouble in leveraging lua to do what you want
it would seem you are trying to use the wrong tool for the job and
probably need to look at another solution

Some of you other comments just come across as down right rude to the
people who have spent their time working on this for their own domain
and are good enough to support other people using it.

As ever just my 2c


> There is *never* any reason to want them to be the same object.
> need to be treated in the same way as "numbers" and strings.  They are
> mathematical atomic types and should be treated as such.  (in games at
> least)