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> I feel your pain.  It's not so bad; in my own vector class
> (using a home-grown object system in lua) I have to do
> vectorb = vectora:copy() quite a lot though... and if I
> forget, all hell can /silently/ breaks lose. :)

This is exactly what scares the shit out of me quite frankly.

I need a script language to be safe and least likely to fall prey to bugs.
Lua doesn't seem to fulfill these roles with its "leave everything for the
programmer to work out" approach, which is a shame because the fundamental
ideas or basic theories behind Lua are quite smart, its just that somewhere
along the way its been driven down the wrong path. (or maybe it simply
hasn't begun to go down those paths yet)

As I mentioned in my other replies, a step forward might be the ability to
generate an error if someone simply takes a reference rather than taking a
copy as they should.