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"Peter Loveday" <> wrote in message
> What are the "official" names for DLLs for loadlib() modules to use?
> I have seen some distributions/modules things "lua5.dll" and
> and others "lua50dll.dll" (which seems somewhat redundant), and probably
> other variants also.
> Given that LuaCom uses "lua5.dll" and "lualib5.dll", can I assume that
> are the 'official' names that thing should follow?  I really think we need
> defined standard here, if there is to be any compatibility between

Your right. I would say to use just lua.dll, if lua was backwards
compatable.  And once you start using a number, you need to keep using it,
and then you can't update the dll with a new version as easly (without
renaming it).  Also I think the apendation of things like lib and dll, are
simply rendundancies that really don't have any meaning. However,
appendations such as 'd" for debug and "mfc" for dlls that included the
dynamic-mfc-linking, are approariate.

> Thanks.
> Love, Light and Peace,
> - Peter Loveday
> Director of Development, eyeon Software