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> > What are the "official" names for DLLs for loadlib() modules to use?
> > 
> > I have seen some distributions/modules things "lua5.dll" and
> > and others "lua50dll.dll" (which seems somewhat redundant), and probably
> > other variants also.
> > 
> > Given that LuaCom uses "lua5.dll" and "lualib5.dll", can I assume that
> > are the 'official' names that thing should follow?  I really think we
need a
> > defined standard here, if there is to be any compatibility between
> FWIW, to add to the confusion, luacheia uses "liblua-5.dll" and
> "liblualib-5.dll" on Win32.

And in my distributions, I don't number the DLLs, letting the user keep them
as is (if he uses only one 
version) or renumber them manually the way he wants.

I am not sure we need an "official" way of naming (even if it is welcome),
as the Lua authors may not 
want to impose anything on this field, a bit far from the goal of language

But we sure need a de facto standard way of naming, issued from a consensus
from the distributors.

I propose Lua-5.0.dll and LuaLib-5.0.dll (case unimportant), following the
numbering scheme of most open 
source projects. The multiple dots isn't a problem on Windows.
We must include the second level of numbering: Lua 3.2 was an important
We don't need a third level: Lua 4.0.1 was just a bug correction release,
changing nothing to the interface 
or the language.

That was just my 2-euro-cents...


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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