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Dylan Cuthbert wrote:
Ah, there you are Mr Belmonte,  I was beginning to think you'd done a
runner.. How are you dealing with ex-ex-pat syndrome now you're back in the

Well I found that New York city is enough like Tokyo to keep me happy. I don't think I'll be finding a replacement for Kyoto though.

I hope I'm not causing too many waves of disapproval in the Lua crowd with
my sudden torrent of questions and poking about.  :-)

I used to be a top Lua poker-abouter and hell raiser, so there is nothing wrong with that. The targets were much more obvious back then (like why aren't globals stored in a Lua table?). These days I just sit and watch.

You are sure to help pave the way for more and better use of Lua in game software.

In other news, Joshua Jensen wrote:
John says:
LuaBind: Personally I wonder about the efficiency of it all
if used extensively...

That doesn't sound like something I'd say.  That one goes to Nick.


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