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>>> Which brings me -again- back to the book...  Either Roberto will
>>> educate us infinately here, or, get the book out. :) Or someone
>>> else?
>> Alternatively, I'd be willing to pay for an electronic copy of the
>> book.
> The book is almost ready (as always?).

That's very fitting, for a book on software [:-)].

> One problem with "selling" it now is that soon it will be out-dated by
> the final version. Maybe I could track buyers so they could have free
> updates?

That would work for me. If I can get a free update of the final version, I'd
be happy to buy what you have now.

> Another question: how much would be a fair price for an eletronic
> book? (and unfinished! But then you could be buying in advance the
> final version...)

Yes, buying the final version in advance sounds good. And I agree with
Brett: somewhere along the lines of 20-40 dollars sounds fine for an
electronic copy. Obviously, I'd be willing to pay more for a printed
version. But I'm not sure we should be waiting around for publishers to see
the (Lua) light.

> Another question: should I put the book free and ask for donations,
> instead of selling it?

Putting the book up for free would make sure more people will get their
hands on it, of course. Though my (admittedly pessimistic) guess would be
you won't be getting that many donations...

I guess it's up to you to decide if you want to be re-imbursed for all your
time spent working on your book. Like Brett I think it's only fair to be
compensated for producing a valuable resource. I already count my lucky
stars I can plug Lua into my products free of charge. So paying a little sum
buying a book on Lua really is the least I (or anyone else, for that matter)
can do to support the Lua effort.

> (BTW: those willing to pay a little to help Lua please do not forget
> John's lottery.)

Hmmm... good point.