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From: "Joe Stewart" <>
> I wrote a 'single threaded' web server written in lua4 that supports
> running lua scripts as CGI commands. It was written quickly, without a
> detailed understanding of lua or luasockets, but serves my purposes well.
> I'd be willing to release it public domain if the community:
> a) doesn't flame me for my poor understanding of lua and the http protocol
> b) helps make it better

Absolutely do!
a good place might be the Wiki, I've started a page there:

no flames from me, you can be sure of that :)
I'm currently stumbeling my way through making Lua-binding (Lua5) for
libwebserver, and my understanding of C isn't very good either ;)

I'm still very intersted in a mainly Lua implementation for a webserver, I
was playing with extending the code Steve Dekorte posted to this list some
time ago:

The C-server approach isn't really flexible at the moment, as the main-loop
is all in the C part, ans out of controll for Lua once started...