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On 2002/11/22 19:58:42, Björn De Meyer <> wrote:

> I investigated libffi, and it would be what I needed, but it dooes not
> support windows. Furthermore I don't have the means nor incentive to
> make
> a windows port of libffi... I've looked into more "ANSI standard"
> ways to do what I want, but these would involve humongous switch 
> statements with different thousands of function calls... like this:
> Unless someone could give me an idea of how to do it in ANSI C, OR 
> someone could help me port libffi, I think I'll have to let my idea 
> go for now. More interesting now seems to be the port of tolua 
> to lua 5, and of course that incestuous lua lexer/parser in lua...

Mmm, I explored the field but never went very far due to lack of time.
If you search the archive, you may find some URLs of interest, given by 
fellow members.
It can be done in C (Ansi, I don't know), with some juggling...
To really do this with fine control, I fear some assembly code is 
necessary, but of course portability is destroyed...
One of the problems is that pushing parameters in the stack, and getting 
the result (which can be a struct), is strongly depending on the compiler 
and the platform.

Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist