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>Luiz, it would be nice if the loadlib code were platform independant from the
>lua side, that is, in unix it would look like:
>loadlib( "", "init" )
>while in win32 it would be:
>loadlib( "name.dll", "init" )

To quote from the README in loadlib.tar.gz:

 This bare-bones loadlib is supposed to  be used as a foundation for more
 sophisticated dynamic  library loaders,  possibly still  called loadlib,
 that  will be  smart enough  to  try to  find the  library in  different
 directories and also to guess the name of the init function.

In other words, the loadlib distributed in etc is supposed to be pretty raw.
The rest can be written in Lua. Perhaps the bare-bones loadlib could give
information of what system it is running under etc to help write the Lua
wrapper more easily.