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I'm using tolua 4 to wrap a GUI for a project I'm working on (we're just starting, so I might wait for tolua 5), so far it works great, but I have a copule of questions:

Is there any way to pass an alredy instantiated object to the luastate? I saw the functions to manipulate the lua stack to pass a pointer to the object to the luastate, but I'm not sure if I can just take that as userdata and 'cast' it as the object inside lua. How about the opposite? (passing an object instantiated inside lua to the main program). Is there any example code I could look at for this?

Also, I saw a couple of functions on 'tolua.h' that are part of the 'Exported Functions', but are not mentioned on the tolua documentation (especially 'tolua_cast' and 'tolua_takeownership', wich might be what I'm looking for). Where could I find more up to date documentation?