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On Nov 15, 2002 at 02:14 -0500, Thatcher Ulrich wrote:

> MHO is that lua_userinit is nice, but I'd like to see luselib.c
> somewhere in the distro as well (not enabled by default), so that at
> least there is a baseline official implementation, and people can
> distribute shared-library binaries with some confidence.

On second thought, rather than argue about this, how about we set up a
section on the wiki at for binary modules?  I.e. make a
page with links to luselib-enabled versions of the lua.c interpreter,
and provide a place to upload binary modules.  I have a Lua SDL
binding ready to go, and I think it would be a nice alternative outlet
for the database bindings, socket libraries, and XML projects that
have been talked about on the list.  This way, we can gauge the level
of interest in such a feature before hassling the Lua authors with yet
another feature request.

Thatcher Ulrich