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Thatcher Ulrich wrote:
> Actually, several such systems exist; the problem is there's no
> officially-blessed standard.  I think the most Lua-like approach to
> this is Ignacio Casta.o's luselib (but I can never find the URL when I
> look for it! ):

Yeah, I lost the code on a system crash, but it should be easy to rewrite.

My idea was not only to provide support for dynamic linking, but also
stablishing a standard entrypoint in the library to register the functions
that the library provides.

The 'use' function loaded the given library 'and' called the open entrypoint.
So that you could use any (luselib-aware) library by just doing:

use 'libname'

Without the entrypoint, you would have to load the library and to link each
function manually.

Ignacio Castaño

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