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>> *ugh*.  The wording in the ISO C Standard has changed between the 1989
>> version and the 1999 version.
>So the book wasn't buggy? The problem is in the C standard itself (the
>new version is not backwards compatible with the old one, in a very
>tricky way).

That's my impression now. Moreover, glibc is trying to move towards C99
but this move is not complete (AFAIK gcc does not compile C99 in full).
This is a very unsatisfactory state of affairs: to move partially to C99
and break programs. Lua is written in ANSI C, which is C89, not C99. So,
the bottom line is the newer glibc does not implement C89.
Oh well, still another "dark corner" to program around. It's a pity that
C99 introduces dark corners where none existed before.