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On ven. 04 oct. 2002 18:20:11, John Belmonte <> wrote:

> Philippe Lhoste wrote:
>> I finally had some time to finish reading the last Lua doc.
>> As always, it is a pleasant reading, the document is clear and well
>> written. A bit terse in some areas though, some more examples in the
>> library section would help...
> >
>> I don't see it as a end user documentation: the C API is of no use for 
>> script writers, and references to C (a lot in the libraries, eg.
>> strftime) should be expanded, as some users may not know this language.
> To experienced programmers, I think the Lua manaul is great.  It's so 
> concise that when a new version comes out, I can give it a slow read and
> know exactly what Lua is (and what has changed) in less than an hour. 
> If you're looking for something more, there is Roberto's book to look 
> forward to.  Certainly it would also be nice to see some complete 3rd 
> party tutorials.

I agree. I hightly recommand Roberto's book too, even if it is unfinished 
and it doesn't handle the 5.0 version (yet).
I know there are some tutorials here and there, but more wouldn't hurt :-)
Someday, I may write one. If time permits...

BTW, I searched the new doc. for the block comment syntax. I searched '--[[' 
and found nothing. I found it by searching 'comment'. But I think the manual 
should give a short example, so searching '--[[' would give a hit.

Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist