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> That's my impression now. Moreover, glibc is trying to move towards C99
> but this move is not complete (AFAIK gcc does not compile C99 in full).
> This is a very unsatisfactory state of affairs: to move partially to C99
> and break programs. Lua is written in ANSI C, which is C89, not C99. So,
> the bottom line is the newer glibc does not implement C89.

Why did glibc change? From reading the C89 and C99 versions of malloc, it
at least seemed that a C89 implementation would be C99 compliant already.
In any case, UNIX tends to give better guarantees than the C standard
(especially about the behaviour of null pointers), so if glibc is now not
C89 compatible that's serious indeed.

Fate is unmoved by hope; rather, what we hope for changes (Murasaki)