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> From: Philippe Lhoste []
> Sent: 10 September 2002 13:41

> BTW, I agree with Benjohn and your remarks. Compressed XML is 
> efficient.
> Note that then, you have to take an extra step to edit it in 
> a text editor,
> which can be a bit cumbersome for frequent edits.
> Perhaps we should add automatic/transparent 
> decompression/compression (using
> zlib) to SciTE... An idea to study.

By the time you've added all the complexity and bulk of an XML parser and
zlib, you could have just add Lua to SciTE? Its a good editor but what it
lacks is decent per-language options (eg. indenting is the small in all
languages and must be altered explicitly). A scripting language would make
sc1 a very powerful lightweight editor. You could easily configure it in Lua
and expose and interface for editing like MSDev. (This is what I'm trying to
do with VisLua).