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>I've been thinking about doing a session at the 2002 Australian Game
>Developers Conference about Lua, specifically about using it as a scripting
>system to drive events in a game.
>However, the 2003 GDC is a different matter. I think it would be good to
>have a similar session there, but I wouldn't like to do it by myself.

That would be great. I don't know much about programming games but I'm willing
to try to answer any Lua questions you may have, specially about the new
coroutine capabilities of Lua 5.0, which I understand will be very useful
for games. (GC hicups are another matter; these will be dealt with in 5.1 :-)

I'm pretty sure that Roberto and Waldemar will be able to contribute too.
And also of course all the game experts that lurk around lua-l.

In any case, please do write something up and add it to the wiki or somewhere.