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I must admit I didn't read the faq, and I was just going on past
conferences, where there's definitely been more than one speaker, especially
for technical session.

I was really talking about collaborating on the content of the session,
making sure it was accurate, represented the best practices of using Lua for
game scripting purposes, etc.

So, if we assume we're talking about a session with a single speaker, I'd be
happy to talk, or to help get a session together for someone else to do the
talking. If I'm confident with the material, I can do a good presentation, I

Or is there a good reason to think the session should have more than one


On 17/6/02 19:49, "Peter Prade" <> wrote:

>> However, the 2003 GDC is a different matter. I think it would be good to
>> have a similar session there, but I wouldn't like to do it by myself.
> i've been toying around with the idea to do a talk at the GDC about Lua
> since last year...
> are you suggesting that to do a talk with more than one speaker?
> Not sure if they are going to accept that... (from the faq: The GDC offers a
> very limited number of panels or sessions with more than one speaker. Please
> do not submit a proposal requiring more than one speaker unless you can
> clearly justify it.)
> Cheers,
> Peter