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I just try to minimize allocations, and disable the garbage collector, to
run it only when I find it appropiate. This is what Unreal I originally did,
it only called the gd when the level changes. I think there were some post
about how he coded a new garbage collector for UT in a public mailing

Ignacio Castaño

Pyrogon Public wrote:
> Okay, I think I grasp the basics of the Lua GC situation.  So for those
> of you actively using Lua in a real-time game engine, how are you
> dealing with its hiccups?  Implementing your own GC, or just defensive
> coding (e.g. calling the collector every frame, attempting to minimize
> object creation, etc.)?  If the latter, what specific strategies are you
> adopting?
> I'm thinking of using Lua for a server project I'm working on, but the
> hiccups absolutely can't happen.  Of course, if Lua could have the
> collector run in another thread, that would solve a lot of problems =)
> (Yes, in exchange for opening up a whole new set of problems).
> Brian

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