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> Yes, I'm using Doxygen for Lua.  Unfortunately, my employer wouldn't be
> happy about me sharing my preprocessor with the world :-(

Assuming that your employer doesn't do compiler tools, is there any chance
of persuading the management that it's very much in their interests to get
other programmers to improve their tools for free?

I publish my Lua libraries on my web page (and yes, I'll get them going as
a lua-users project RSN!), and have contributed improvements to luaswig.
Much of the development work on the libraries, and all of the work on
luaswig, was done in work time. My employer (Protechnic Exeter, we're in
health care) is perfectly happy with this. In this case it is perhaps
particularly straight-forward: I arrived here with my (embryo) standard
libraries already in development, and all the code therein runs on a
vanilla Lua system and is utterly application-neutral; all the
product-specific code is in a separate library.

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