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> > > In my opinion, it would be best to select between the X11/Xfree86
> > > license, the modified BSD license, or the GNU Lesser General Public
> > > License.
> > 
> > I'd avoid anything to do with the GPL or LGPL like the plague, as it
> > provides freedom for end users, not people who wish to create programs
> > end users. BSD or MIT, in my opinion, seems a much better choice,

I agree!

> I agree: The MIT or BSD licenses are ideal. MIT is a good fit for Lua
> because it seems to be the shortest and simplest license at

Personally, I chose the zlib/libpng licence, because it uses even less
legalese terms (the "Software"), and it doesn't shout at the user (THE SOFTWARE IS
It can be confusing to use a licence bearing the name of another software
though. But it is a minor annoyance.
All this is a matter of taste. I believe the best standard licence is the
one fitting the most closely the Lua licence.
And of course, Lua must keep additional clauses, like "you can change the
syntax, but if you do, don't call it Lua"... (If I understand correctly the
current licence.)


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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