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> I want to have a function that can be called with any number of 
> arguments(and I cant use a table because the function will be 
> called directly from C).
> It needs to be able to take it's arguments and pass them an an other 
> function like:
> function wantargs(allmyargs)
> 	otehrfunction(allmyargs)
> end
> and then I should be able to do:
> wantargs(1, 2)
> wantargs(1, 2, 3)
> wantargs("test")
> ...


function takes_multiple_args(...)
  local arg_table = arg -- arg is a magic/automatic variable
  for i=1,getn(arg_table) do print(arg_table[i]) end -- print them out

takes_multiple_args(1,2,"buckle my shoe")
takes_multiple_args("three",4, {"heres", "some", "more"})
takes_multiple_args(6,"seven",8, "Lua is great")