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> This version contains several changes mentioned in the list: core
> (aka, the yield patch), dynamic stacks, new generalized "for" statement
> ("for k,v in f do .. end" calls to return k and v if f is a function),

Ooooh, this is so *almost* what I want. Can't we please, please have a next
tagmethod to go with it? It would be soooo simple... (Yes, I know I can
write for k, v in metatable(object).next do ..., but that means that I need
to either write that always or know whether or not object is a regular
table; that is not good for code maintainability.)

> simplified syntax for table constructors (you can freely mix items in the
> "list part" with item in the "table part", as in {1,x=10,2,y=20}; ';' are
> but still accepted for compatibility), eventtable has been renamed
> lua.c supports incomplete statements, and probably more that I forget now

Also very cool! Thanks, guys.