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Here are just my EUR 0.02:

The  language is  great, I  like the  distribution to  be  compact and
portable.  However,  I am strongly  interested in Lua as  an extension
language, so C/C++  binding is essential. ToLua provides  a nice tool,
but  I am  not  sure, how  it  is maintained  (officially, the  Lua4.0
compatible release is still alpha). May  be this tool could be part of
the standard distribution  ?  If there would exist  a decent canonical
scheme   to  manage  extensions   for  object   oriented  codes   (  a
"Meta-Mechanism ??") which everyone uses, it would be easy to get lots
of libraries for Lua which  nicely could interoperate. I don't see any
reason why  such a code  should use anything  else but ANSI C  and Lua
;-).  But this is for the long run.

For the short  run -- wouldn't it be possible for  toLua to take C/C++
header  files  exactly  as  they   are  ?   May  be  with  some  style
prescription, but in such a form  that they run both as C includes and
.pkg ?  ToLua specific stuff  could be placed  in comments. Or  may be
tolua generates the C/C++ headers from the .pkg ? It would be nice to
have one source for all.

Best regards


Juergen Fuhrmann
                             Numerical Mathematics & Scientific Computing
               Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics
   Mohrenstr. 39 10117 Berlin    fon:+49 30 20372560   fax:+49 30 2044975