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On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Eric Tetz wrote:

> I was wondering if there is a time frame in mind for Lua 4.1's
> development. Not a hard date, but a rough idea, such as "we'll wrap it
> up in the next three months", "before the end of the year", or even
> "truly indefinite".

May 2002 is a rough idea.

> If the answer is "truly indefinite", do you have an idea of which
> changes are definitely keepers, and which are still tentative? For
> instance, is the boolean type definite?
> I'm just trying to get a general feel, to help me decide if should
> ship my product as-is or wait for 4.1. I'll be exposing Lua to plugin
> authors, so whichever Lua version I use will be fixed in stone from that
> point forward. I would love that version to be 4.1. ;)

Most changes in the work version are definitely keepers. The problem are
the details: thinks like names, parameters, etc.

> Also, how do the 4.1 changes affect the Lua book? Is it also on hold
> until 4.1's release?

I don't think the canges affect much of the book, but we still don't know
which parts of the book they will affect. So yes, it is on hold for a
while (but not for long...).

-- Roberto