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IC> note that the render will only be unloaded after a gc cicle.
IC> if you don't want the user to remove the render, you could use setglobal tag
IC> method to avoid it. See previous threads about constant variables.
IC> if you want to launch an exception or ignore when the user indexes the
IC> render, you can do:

IC> render = nullobject

IC> where nullobject has the appropiate gettable tag methods.

Yes, this is not the problem forbid to the user to change the render,
but a problem that it should vary (we we use different DLL for OpenGL
and Direct3D). The basic essence of a problem that we want to check
that did not remain references to objects and functions (!) from this
DLL. The idealest variant would be such at which these references
received value nil. How it is possible to make this?