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Thatcher Ulrich wrote:
> Honestly, I think a lightweight module system directly benefits my
> embedding efforts, given that my embedding interests center around
> game programming, which inherently involves dealing with disparate
> native APIs (graphics, sound, input, networking, etc).
> I could say lots more about why a module system is a good thing, but
> I'll limit myself to one more point: it makes the language more
> powerful, without making the core bigger.


It's clear that the module system cannot be implemented in ansi c, however
lua could define an interface for it, so that, if a module system is
available on some platform it's implemented always the same way, that would
facilitate using modules without rebuilding.

So it would be like the lua threads. If you have threads, use them, if not,
do not.

I've always used lua in embebed platforms, never as a standalone language
and for example I've never used the iolibrary, since this functionality is
provided by the host in a different and secure (or restricted) way. And I
still find a module system usefull, since this way I can extend my program
in unexpected ways writting new modules and simply loading them from lua.

Ignacio Castaño

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