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On Feb 03, 2002 at 09:44 -0800, David Jeske wrote:
> What unique directions can Lua take which will make it better for
> embedding?

Good question.

> Some examples of items discussed on the list which might be useful
> additions include:
>  1) Memory management optimizations for small memory for embedded use
>  2) More real-time Garbage collection optimizations for lowering 
>     collection pause time (as it seems Lua has been picked up among
>     Game programmers)
>  3) code-safety features such as "require variable declarations" or
>     static typing (ala unrealscript)
>  4) compiling Lua code into C 
> Do any of you have other ideas about unique features Lua could have
> (or perhaps already has that I omitted above)?

2 and 3 (a 'global' declaration, not static typing) are close to my

To that list I would add: an easy-to-use source-level debugger
(several partial solutions exist), and (don't hit me!) a module

Honestly, I think a lightweight module system directly benefits my
embedding efforts, given that my embedding interests center around
game programming, which inherently involves dealing with disparate
native APIs (graphics, sound, input, networking, etc).

I could say lots more about why a module system is a good thing, but
I'll limit myself to one more point: it makes the language more
powerful, without making the core bigger.

Thatcher Ulrich <>