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On Sun, Feb 03, 2002 at 11:47:07PM +0000, Daniel Silverstone wrote:
> has a few more details.
> I hope to have packages /and/ policy ready in a few weeks at most.

Today I have uploaded an initial set of lua 4.0 packages to

they are the plain lua 4.0 system (with shared library support for liblua
and liblualib) -- No require, no loadlib, nothing fancy.

This is the vanilla "lua" which debian will carry.

Comments and ideas for these packages should be emailed to me as soon as
possible please.

I'll be starting on the dllua40 packages tomorrow night -- these will have a
loadlib of sorts and will be the default lua interpreter for debian.

Again, comments and ideas please email me soon..

I need to get this done because there are debian maintainers who want to use
lua who can't until I get all this sorted.

Many thanks in advance for the large amount of help I am expecting the
community will want to offer.


Daniel Silverstone                     
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