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I'll bite.  How do we get a copy of this most wonderful piece of software?

Terry Bayne
On Thu, 29 Nov 2001 12:13:36 -0500, CRIBBSJ wrote:

>On Thursday 29 November 2001 10:02 am, you wrote:
>> His last email (which i replied to ) stated he worked everything out and
>> re-posted.
>> If he did withdraw it, I believe someone else should do/redo the work he
>> did and do it within David's guidelines as well with all proper
>> recognition. My understanding was that he did from the threads on this.
>> Quote: "I can confirm that I have apologized to David Cuny, that suitable
>> attributions in the code have been made and wxLua has been re-released with
>> David Cuny's full support" Paul.
>> This was just 6 days ago? What happened since then?
>> Thanks.
>Mark Stroetzel Glasberg from Tecgraf will probably kill me for blurting this 
>out, but, I'm not sure that not having wxLua is such a huge issue right now.
>The reason I say this is that Mark created a windows binary of IUPLua and has 
>been kind enough to let me play with it for the last few days.  I have been 
>writing a small app using it, and, so far, I don't miss wxLua at all.
>IUP and Lua seem to fit together pretty well.  All of the widget attributes 
>are in tables, so configuring them is pretty easy.  So far, it reminds me a 
>little bit of Tcl/Tk, without having to write so much packing code.
>The coolest widget I have used so far is the matrix.  It is a multi-column 
>listbox (like a spreadsheet) that is editable!  It automatically sprouts 
>scroll-bars as needed.  Very cool!
>The docs are pretty good, although I do have a few questions as I learn it.
>I may have overloaded Mark with questions, as I haven't heard back from him 
>in a couple of days.  But, his responses have been very friendly and helpful.
>Jamey Cribbs