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On Thursday 29 November 2001 10:02 am, you wrote:
> His last email (which i replied to ) stated he worked everything out and
> re-posted.
> If he did withdraw it, I believe someone else should do/redo the work he
> did and do it within David's guidelines as well with all proper
> recognition. My understanding was that he did from the threads on this.
> Quote: "I can confirm that I have apologized to David Cuny, that suitable
> attributions in the code have been made and wxLua has been re-released with
> David Cuny's full support" Paul.
> This was just 6 days ago? What happened since then?
> Thanks.

Mark Stroetzel Glasberg from Tecgraf will probably kill me for blurting this 
out, but, I'm not sure that not having wxLua is such a huge issue right now.

The reason I say this is that Mark created a windows binary of IUPLua and has 
been kind enough to let me play with it for the last few days.  I have been 
writing a small app using it, and, so far, I don't miss wxLua at all.

IUP and Lua seem to fit together pretty well.  All of the widget attributes 
are in tables, so configuring them is pretty easy.  So far, it reminds me a 
little bit of Tcl/Tk, without having to write so much packing code.

The coolest widget I have used so far is the matrix.  It is a multi-column 
listbox (like a spreadsheet) that is editable!  It automatically sprouts 
scroll-bars as needed.  Very cool!

The docs are pretty good, although I do have a few questions as I learn it.

I may have overloaded Mark with questions, as I haven't heard back from him 
in a couple of days.  But, his responses have been very friendly and helpful.

Jamey Cribbs