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John Belmonte writes:

Maybe expecting tables (or the language) to support full marshaling
out-of-the-box is too much.  There are still cases where you want some type
associated with each field but want to allow for nil values.  For example
field "email_address" is a string but it happens to be nil right now meaning
it's invalid or undefined.  When you need that you're back to Rici Lake's
table of tables technique. -John

I agree that this isnt a complete solution to the typing problem
however it does help with this particular problem and (IMHO)
makes the API a bit more orthogonal without much additional impact
(if we are already modifying relational operators to support 'false')
and as far as I can tell has no impact on the language semantics.
From a pragmatic standpoint I dont see a good reason not to include
this. Regards, PaulC