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Jay Carlson writes:
of a boolean expression to a key you might obliterate that key.

We've had a proposal on the table for dealing with this for a while.
T. even made a patch for 4.0.  Is it worth some attention?

I had a slight question/concern with the following -
-- Relational operators return false for false and a value other than
-- false/nil for true
Although this solves the unmarshalling problem it doesnt solve the
marshalling problem for boolean values (it isnt possible to distinguish
a 'true' value as a boolean without explicitly casting it)
For orthogonality I would be useful to also have a 'true' type such
that -- Relational operators return 'false' for false and 'true' for true
Assuming 'true' was a non-nil value I dont believe this changes the
semantics of any relational operators PaulC