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Paul Chakravarti wrote:
> >> (
> >
> I had a slight question/concern with the following -
>  -- Relational operators return false for false and a value other than
>  -- false/nil for true

In fact, they always return the number 1 for true.  Maybe it's better
to say that explicitely (and define true to be 1).  That way

   (a==b) == (c==d)

and alike becomes valid.

> For orthogonality I would be useful to also have a 'true' type such
> that
>  -- Relational operators return 'false' for false and 'true' for true
> Assuming 'true' was a non-nil value I dont believe this changes the
> semantics of any relational operators

And then define that if/while/not/... only accept 'false' and 'true'?
I thought about it myself but IMHO it complicates things more than
it would help.

Ciao, ET.