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>Now, I am trying to create a Lua interpreter binary that includes Lua,
>library, wxLua, and LuaSQL.  I am getting lots of errors, even after I
>changed the makefiles and build batch files.

I perfectly understand your search for a 'onedoesall' interpreter, as I am
currently on the same 'quest'.
I too have only very limited knowledge of C/C++, but I was able to
successfully complie a Lua interpreter with luasockets, as well as the wxLua
sources by Mr. Winwood.

One thought about combining wxLua with luasockets, luaSQL etc.:
As far as I could see from the wxWindows site, dthis library already has
support for Sockets, ODBC and a lot more. I think it might be more use to
see if the wxLua already has access to these functions, or to persuade Mr.
Winwood to add them.

>From the wxLua page I saw that it already has support for wxSocketBase and
wxSocketEvent ...

just my 2c