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> > John Belmonte, in a posting of 6 Feb, mentioned that he was
> > working in a library like that. (The alignment problem he
> > mentioned is now corrected.) --lhf
> Hey, John, what has become of your library?


I had written a rough library implementing some of Perl's pack/unpack but
never made it public, and it sits unused in my project now.  It was working
fine, but in the end a system like that suffers the same issue as with using
floating point values to pass around C pointers in Lua-- it isn't exactly
safe.  For example on my project the Lua number type is 32-bit float, and
using that type to work with 32-bit pointers and integers is dubious.

Since you already have the packing implemented in LuaState, I imaging
reversing the code for unpacking would be less work than trying to use some
new library.  But if you think a pack/unpack style interface would really be
some use I can see about releasing what I've got.

By the way, it's great to see unified methods getting some attention again.