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> >New String Formatting Enhancements ==================================
> >format has been extended with the following control types.  
> The use of
> >these control types makes it easy to write binary file 
> formats to disk.
> Nice, but how do you read them back?

I knew there was a new part of the library that was missing!  The
distribution I released is the result of several separate modified Lua
4.1 Alpha internal distributions I made for various pet projects.  I
kept thinking something wasn't there, and that is it.

I'll be sure to put it in when I release the LuaState distribution
updated for Lua 4.1 Work Beta (which I got compiling last night,
although some of the macros in 4.1 Work Beta did have to change to
compile under VC++6, as mentioned in previous postings).

> I think this functionality would be better in a separate 
> library, perhaps along the lines of Perl's pack/unpack.

Separate library or not, it was the largest outstanding Lua
functionality missing in a tools path, where Lua data scripts are
converted to compact binary forms for in-application use.  Does Perl's
pack/unpack do the same thing, or is it more along the lines of Lua's?

> John Belmonte, in a posting of 6 Feb, mentioned that he was 
> working in a library like that. (The alignment problem he 
> mentioned is now corrected.) --lhf

Hey, John, what has become of your library?