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On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, John Passaniti wrote:

> So when I use C++, I use class libraries and templates that provide that
> functionality.  Well once you start down that road, then the cost of Lua--
> which has these and other features built in-- becomes less significant.
> When you move from computing useless things like Ackerman's function to
> actual real-world applications that do something useful, chances are you're
> going to add to C++ the things that make your life easier from Lua.

Another interesting point in this discussion is that, usually, benchmarks
compare the "best" programs one can write in each language, but in many
projects we do not have time/energy/knowledge to write the "best" possible
code. So, a quite useful "metric" is how easy it is to write efficient code
in a language, and/or how efficient is "average-quality" code in a

There is an interesting paper about that, see

-- Roberto