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> Perhaps you would like to enlighten us all as to what you hoped to
gain by
> asking such an apparently inane and obvious question? Were you hoping
> catch us out, have you indeed caught me out -- is this all part of a
> plan to take over the world, or, as I suspect, are you simply a
> example of why I use Mutt on Linux, and you use Outlook on Windows?

? [insert puzzled look]

> I will admit to knowing of no resource which actually tackles such a
> fruitless comparison in any more depth -- my condolences at your lack

Curt, you might want to try:

And there are others that dont involve Lua but you can draw comparisons:

> Daniel Silverstone
> Aged 21, No degree nor formal qualification past A-Levels, but, it
seems, a
> great deal more sense than you Sir.

Why dont you, and your friend at digital scurf stop try and contribute
something to this list instead of just sarcasm? I'm sure you're both
very clever.