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> Perhaps you would like to enlighten us all as to what you hoped 
> to gain by asking such an apparently inane and obvious question?

The link to was exactly what I was
looking for. Since someone decided that it was worth creating a whole
website comparing these things, the question was clearly neither inane
nor obvious. In performance-sensitive applications, these things matter.
It's easier for me to look at some metrics than to try to come up with
them myself, or worse, go so far down the road of doing too much in Lua,
only to find out that it won't meet the performance criteria.

> ... mine stands at an average of 61 bytes per line  ...

Congratulations. I will politely decline to respond to the continued
html jabs, and get back to my happy existence where bandwidth and hard
drives grow on trees and huge horribly inefficient 4k email messages
don't matter for squat.