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On Mon, Nov 05, 2001 at 03:25:23PM -0800, Curt Carpenter wrote:
> > Perhaps you would like to enlighten us all as to what you hoped 
> > to gain by asking such an apparently inane and obvious question?
> The link to was exactly what I was

Welp, looks like my wish to be disproved came true -- I was under the
impression that the shootout was purely scripting languages -- that serves
me right for making an assumption.

> > ... mine stands at an average of 61 bytes per line  ...
> Congratulations. I will politely decline to respond to the continued
> html jabs, and get back to my happy existence where bandwidth and hard
> drives grow on trees and huge horribly inefficient 4k email messages
> don't matter for squat.

Not quite the point I was making, but it's nice to know that such a place
exists -- maybe one day I'll get to live there.

Anyway, I apologise for arguing based on an assumption which has been

Meek regards,


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