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> Thanks for the name of the book Reuben, but I have a question. Why did you
> recommend the ML version, and not say, the C version (C being Lua's
> implementation language)? I am just curious, because there are several
> different "implementations" of the book, including a language independent
> one.

I didn't mean to recommend one over another. I was given the ML version, and
indeed I chose that one, because ML is to me, the easiest language to read
of those in which the book has been written. Consulting the list in the
book, it seems to be available in C, Java and ML. I certainly wouldn't want
it in C (and I write more C than either of the above); Java and ML are
probably about equally legible, according to taste. My tastes are more
functional, hence ML. If there had been a Haskell version, I'd've asked for

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