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Thanks for the name of the book Reuben, but I have a question. Why did you
recommend the ML version, and not say, the C version (C being Lua's
implementation language)? I am just curious, because there are several
different "implementations" of the book, including a language independent

Matt "Kerion" Holmes

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From: "Reuben Thomas" <>
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Sent: Friday, August 17, 2001 8:07 AM
Subject: Re: Programming Language Creation Books

> > Excellent, just clicked "Submit" on my Amazon order for that book ;)
> > much! :)
> Another more modern book with a good reputation (and I've read some of it,
> and agree with it on the strength of that) is "Modern compiler
> implementation in ML" (there are versions in other languages) by Appel.
> It has a few advantages over the Dragon book: the theory is presented more
> accessibly, it's more up to date, and it has plenty of code implementing
> mini-OO, functional and imperative languages.
> On the down side, it's probably not as exhaustive, and it's rather less
> rigorous. But I think the two complement each other well.
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